Bear in the Campsite, Braj Mahal, Dedsa, The Astrochimps at Exponent Manor 5/23 Ahh Friday, another exciting evening transpired over at Exponent Manor: ( A great Nashville house where you can catch an incredible house show almost any day of the week.

Friday I helped put together a show for some local bands that didnt bring out too many people, but the music raged on and we still danced, and drank beer. Travelers of Catan was busted out, not sure who brought that over..
Bear in the Campsite started the night off and The Astrochimps closed the night with some awesome covers. Much thanks to everyone who came out and looking forward to the next one.
Bear in the Campsite
Braj Mahal
The Astrochimps

The Astrochimps tearing into their set.
Bedroom is a Nashville artist with a distinct beat driven acoustic sound. He’s had a few releases now you can stream at his soundcloud His newest release grow is due out May 20th.

dig it.

And read through this interview he did for a pretty cool blog here: Amby blog interview with Noah

oh oh oh and one more thing! He’s signed to Furious Hooves which is suh-weet label that also has some awesome artists Anteo, Blood Cousin, and Blackrune to name a few.
Washed Out’s Pull You Down
Wednesday, December 11th - I went to Exit/In to hear some good music. Jensen Sportag and Washed Out put on a great show.. The venue slowly fills to people milling around the bar and pushing closer to the front of the house crowding around the stage. Austin Wilkinson and Elvis Craig the two halves of Jensen Sportag walked from backstage where they briefly adjusted levels on the multiple synthesizers and keyboards stacked on each other before beginning their set. The lack of interest from the crowd definitely contributed to the less than exciting performance…however the unegaged crowd allowed me and the several others who wanted to hear the set to get decent listen. While both members have mics one of the two is the lead vocalist while the other layers synth lines and then occasionally lends back up vocals hidden in metallic reverbed ambience. The lead singer serenaded the crowd while dancing with a rose in hand, there was a vase filled with white roses on stage. The set ended similarly to how it began, with the crowd talking amongst themselves and synths ringing and echoing from the speakers. Washed Out went on soon thereafter with everyone in the building energetic and entranced to the stage. They played all the hits and everyone loved it. Dancing, thumping bass and well rehearsed drum fills, guitar licks that barely escaped the mix over the other instruments, and of course the singer, Ernest Green belting out vocals made me dance and move around….so I guess I enjoyed the set. I can really only recall the songs from the first EP, Life of Leisure with several songs from Paracosm thrown in… Good music, and another night of fun timez at Exit/In.

Here’s a playlist I made, hope ya dig.

1. Lounge Burger - BahweexEsta.xMike Gao
2. Up and Downs - Freddie Gibbs&Madlib
3. Seeing the Same - Solar Year (Jensen Sportag Remix)
4. Liz - Stwo
5. Blue Shade - Jensen Sportag
6. One - Stwo (Andrea Remix)
7. Always - De l’espirit
8. So So Lovely - Shigeto
9. Masterpeas - My Neighbor Is
10. Harold’s (instrumental) - Freddie Gibbs&Madlib
11. Got to Be - Bahwee
12. Yes, My Goodness Yes - Velma Perkins
13. Lucky Girl - Jazzanova
14. It’s You Sort Of - Lizzy Mercier Descloux
15. Mixed Bizness - Beck
16. Still Talking to You - Nujabes
17. Closer - Madvillian / MFDoom / Quasimoto